How can we move an outdoor aloe vera plant?

We need to move an outdoor aloe vera plant that sits in a flower bed right outside a large front window. We are remodeling and need to replace that window as well as redo the facade. There's just no way the contractor will be able to work around it. It is very large with flowers about 3ft high. What is the best way to safely move it? And can we move it temporarily so as to put it back where it was?

Submitted by diamonddavemon

Hi, Well you should be able to dig it up and put it in a large container and then move it back after remodeling. These plants can be very forgiving and don't have particularly deep root systems. Just be sure to dig a large root ball and move it carefully. Depending on how long you need the plant moved, you might consider just wrapping the root ball tightly with burlap or canvas and keeping the plant in a protected spot and then putting it back in the original hole after the remodeling is finished.

Answered by doug.jimerson