Seedling plants dying off at top not at soil level. Help!!

I have been growing gardens for years. I decided this year to start plants indoors this year. I feel that I have been successful with some but others not at all. My plants are doing fabulous up until about 2 inches or more in height. They the bend at the top and die. It is not dying at the soil level. They are dying at the top. what could this be. I had beautiful 5" zuccini and yellow squash plants. I transplanted them into bigger pots, now they are dying.

Submitted by bedebyebaby

Hi, Well without seeing your plants I can't be sure of what's going on with so little information to go on. How much light are they getting and how close are your lights? What kind of soil are they growing in? Did you use a sterile seed starting mix or standard potting soil? How much water are they getting? Does the soil remain wet or does it drain well? Give us more to go on and we can be more helpful. thanks

Answered by doug.jimerson