What kind of bulbs are they?

I have several bulbs between 2 and 4 inches long shaped like carrots but they are black. I purchased these at the Philadelphia Garden Show but I forgot their names and don't have planting instructions.They came in pink yellow and white. I was told the colors would cross pollinate for next season.The picture I saw had an abundant quantity of flowers about the size of impatiences .What are they? They cost me $5 each. Fran

Submitted by glbarnett

Hi, Without seeing them I really have no idea what these could be. The only roots I know of that are sold as bulbs that look carrot-like are those of four-o-clocks, Mirabilis jalapa. You can find information about it in our Plant Encyclopedia on this website. Their flowers are about the size and shape of impatiens and they come in the colors you list. I just can't be sure.

Answered by doug.jimerson