How can I remove the haze left by grout on ceramic tile?

Today I grouted ceramic tile with a combination grout/adhesive according to the directions. Later when I tried to remove the remaining haze by wiping with a clean dry cloth as directed I was unable to remove all of the haze. Is there something I can use to remove the rest of the haze without damaging the tile?

Submitted by pattywhitcomb

The combination adhesive and grout mix must be a new product. I have not heard of this product nor do I have firsthand use of it, but if it is cement based I would take a 50 percent vinegar to 50 percent hot water solution to cut through it. The vinegar, white of course, acts like a mild acid. I would not recommend using this solution over a natural stone. Ceramic tile and porcelain would be okay. If necessary, you could clean your tiles with a solution of sulfamic crystals mixed with hot water according to package directions. Good luck with your repair!


Answered by AskAProJT