I need branches to fill in on a Hydrangea tree...can I get it to fill in?

I have a hydrangea tree. One winter we did not protect it and a rabbit chewed one whole side of the top .I thought that I would get some branches that would grow on that side but it has been 3 years now? Should I buy another tree or is there a way to get some branches to fill in the area? It gets so heavy on the good side with flowers that I have to stake it so it doesn't tip.It is a beautiful tree except that it is loopsided. Thank you so much...Sherry

Submitted by petunias3524962

Hi, Well I would try pruning the good side back by about a third after the flowers fade this year. This might encourage it to grow new branches on the bad side. If that doesn't work, it may be that this tree will never even out.

Answered by doug.jimerson