I have a topsst turvey strawberry planter. Yesterday I saw a container with 1 clump and 10 plants on it. Can I divide that into 10 single plants? Do they sell individual straberry plant? which would be best. How much longer will strawberry plants be on sale? Need answer quickly please. Thanks Linda Winchester

Submitted by winchester53

Hi, Yes, you can divide your strawberries into individuals at this time. Also, single plants are also very available now at most garden centers. Lowes, Home Depot, Walmart and independent garden centers all sell them. I know the Bonnie Plant company sells them at these locations.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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I moved into a mobile home that already had wild strawberries growing. Now I need to know if it would be best to transfer them to a raised bed because the weeds are so hard to control. We have a vine (not sure what it is) that want's to take over and I can't control the spread. Each year I give lots of starts away,but it's never enough. Plus I can't keep the berries off the ground and they rot. Please let me know the best thing to do. Jeri Hansen/Northwest Idaho
Submitted by jeri_wayne1