How do I grow a garden with a Black Walnut tree nearby?

My neighbor has a black walnut tree near my garden. I have built my garden up and added all new soils. I am still struggling with my garden producing as it should. Is there anything else I can do to help my garden grow with this awful tree nearby?

Submitted by deannemb1

Black walnut toxicity can be a severe problem for vegetable gardening. Even with raised beds, the walnut roots can grow into the beds and upward to the surface. (Roots of the tree typically extend at least 3 to 4 times the spread of the tree's branches.) if you don't have space for a garden far from the tree, you may have to resort to growing plants in containers so the walnut roots can't come into contact with the vegetables. You could also create "containerized" raised beds by putting landscape fabric underneath the raised beds so that the walnut roots can't grow up into them. Soil depth of the raised beds should be at least a foot deep for most vegetables.

Answered by DSchrock