garden arbor

doug, Ive written three times looking for garden arbor in aprils issue. Its on garden/weekend project page--no number page. After advertisement page. White roof top type arbor. Where can i get one. Please browse pages to find around page 200THank you again

Submitted by islandgirl23945

Hi, Sorry it's taken me a few times to locate that arbor, but as it turns out, that story is on one of our regional pages so I did not have it in my copies. There are many versions of Better Homes and Gardens and I could not find the version with that arbor in it. However, i did finally locate that one page feature. Turns out, that arbor was designed and built by the homeowner so it's not available for sale. But, I'm giving you this link that will take you to the arbor plans we do sell (there are several there). These plans can be given to a carpenter and built for you. Again, I apologize for not finding this arbor immediately, but I had no idea it even ran in any issue.

Answered by doug.jimerson