Help! Love violets but not in the lawn.

Due to more shade in my back lawn, the wild violets growing under the pines have infested the grassy lawn. Besides digging up indvidual plants, is there an application that will kill the violets and not the grass? Also, the squirrels have been aggressively digging in the now very soft ground and destroying the turf. How can I build up the turf to withstand these forgetful critters?

Submitted by susanbergman2

Violets are difficult weeds to control. It usually takes a combination herbicide containing 2,4-D, MCPP, and dicamba. And it may take repeat applications to keep them under control. Part of the problem may be the shade, which is not good for growing grass. You might consider trying a shade-tolerant groundcover rather than turfgrass.

Answered by DSchrock