How do I safely stop rabbits in my vegetable garden?

I just started a vegetable garden, and built a fence around it. But I need to know how to control rabbits and other critters from eating my vegetables. I want to share my garden with my son's 10-year-old twin boys. They are very exited about growing a garden.

Submitted by rlago33

Hi, Congrats on the new garden! I think they are a wonderful way to introduce young children into the world of gardening and to teach them where their food comes from. Now, as far as rabbits go, they are pretty hard to get rid of--we are always struggling with them in the BHG Test Garden. The only surefire way to keep them out of your veggies is by surrounding the garden with chicken wire about 18 inches tall and buried in the ground by about 6 inches. If you already have a fence, perhaps you could attach the chicken wire to it with staples.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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For rabbits or squirrels, put up a hawk perch. Just a pole over 10 ft with a T on top makes a world of difference and after installing requires no more maintenance.
Submitted by stewartlopez69

I bought a and haven't had rabbit problems since, or the neighbor's dogs. Any effort to relocate them seemed to not last long, so I was happy to find this.
Submitted by daniel.skach

"Liquid Fence" for deer/rabbits. Problem solved. See They have something to get rid of almost anything, it can be shipped to your home cheaper than you can buy it at the nursery. I buy LF for deer/rabbits by the 2 1/2 gallon container--we have a major deer population here in North Idaho and it works great & no rabbits for 6 years. Tip--don't follow the directions on the label, instead mix double strength and spray only what you want protected. Its not cheap but it works.
Submitted by Jaskulas

Here are the few ways to stop these rabbits in to your vegetable garden 1) Try anti-rabbit sprays and repellents 2) Control rabbits with garden guardians 3) Keep rabbits out with a gated community 4) Plant a decoy garden to stop rabbits
Submitted by jamesmoore7122

Here's an excellent blog that talks about how to keep rabbits out of your garden.
Submitted by jamesmckenzie2

Here's an excellent blog that talks about how to keep rabbits out of your garden.
Submitted by jamesmckenzie2

Here's an excellent blog that talks about how to keep rabbits out of your garden.
Submitted by jamesmckenzie2

Applebug suggested egg shells. They may keep the rabbits away, but may attract something else. I experimented using egg shells to see if they would deter voles. The next morning I found something bigger had dug up the garden and scattered the shells all over. Ooops.
Submitted by labopp

I use Dial soap, and it keeps the deer and rabbits away. I guess any strong smelling soap in a sock.
Submitted by kes1701

A really good ginger tom cat is the only way to go! Our one (Tigga) keeps all the rabbits away from our garden plus the neighbours as well. I won't go into detail about how he goes about it however.
Submitted by maxbaylis

I've also heard that hanging bars of Irish Spring soap in socks around the garden keep rabbits away, but I haven't tried this myself. :)
Submitted by lcrespin1119954

We planted onions and marigolds as border plants around the garden, and used dog hair and human hair. But what seemed to work the *best* was HOT PEPPER SAUCE. We added some to a spray bottle of water and sprayed everything in and around the garden. They don't like the smell or taste. We reapply after heavy rains, but they don't seem to come around at all anymore! Good luck!
Submitted by lcrespin1119954

I blend several cloves of garlic, a few of the hottest peppers I can find and just a few drops of cooking oil. and some water Blend throughly strain twice put in spray bottle. May not be good for veggies but works wonders on flower gardens!
Submitted by debdoy1955

Reading up on the net, we discovered a tip that is so easy to keep rabbits (and deer in our case) away from the garden. Take eggs shells, break them up and scatter them all around the garden. The animals don't like the smell of the shells or of our hands all over them. We don't even have a fence and we have a bunny living on the property and he doesn't touch any of it! We got through lots of eggs so this is a great way to use them up and fertilize the garden!
Submitted by Applebug

those pesky little kritters DONT like the smell of marigolds! plant them around the border to keep kritters out and they look pretty
Submitted by c_nash1968

I find the best tip I can give for vegetable, small bushes and flowers is dog hair not recently washed, I go to the groomer to pick it up and they are glad to do it for you. All my plants and vegetables are growing great, I even give out my dog hair to my neighbors. You'd think I was giving away $$$ bills away, they are happy to receive it. So good luck ! ! !
Submitted by lerose55