weeds in the garden
is it ok to put down 6-7 inchs of straw in a vegetable garden to keep weeds down?
Submitted by blonms

Hi, Yes, as long as the straw is weed-free. I would wait till your crops are a few inches tall before adding the mulch in order to keep from smothering them, but ultimately, a straw mulch is a good weed preventative. Plus, a mulch encourages consistent soil moisture which is essential for good veggie growth--particularly with crops such as tomatoes.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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I agree with the grass clippings comment.
Submitted by mbklemish

I live in So Cal and have just discovered, by googling "straw mulch", that no mulch at all is recommended within 10 feet of any combustable parts of a house - including vinyl. Dang. http://www.nfpa.org/publiccolumn.asp?categoryid=2299&itemid=53572&src=nfpajournal
Submitted by duckle61

My tip is gather up all your lawn cuttings and put in your garden or pots, it not only keeps the soil moist it keeps you weed free, put in about 6 inches. Plus it puts good nutrients in your soil. I rarely have to pick a weed.
Submitted by lerose55

I use old newspapers between my vegetable rows. This holds moisture, keeps out weeds and eventually rots into the soil.
Submitted by connie634