How do I fix a scratch in my wood floor?

Can you explain the best way to remove or hide scratches in my wood flooring?

Submitted by AliciaBHG

Retailers actually now sell hardwood floor scratch cover that works great for touch ups over large areas. It’s a liquid with a color pigment that you simply apply with a rag. Make sure you get the stain product that says it’s specifically “made for floors.” I’ve had surprisingly good results with these easy-to-use products. Of course, hardwood floors eventually need to be refinished by a pro with the right equipment and coatings. But in the interim, if you don’t think the floor has too many deep scratches and dings for your taste, try picking up a bottle of hardwood floor refinisher.


Answered by AskAProGary
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You can get a scratch cover to work for you or you can also buy a home rug or some natural mats to cover, if the scratch is very bad to remove. There are some very good online stores such as which has great rugs online. You can also create customized version yourself, if you are feeling creative. I tried it myself and it worked. Hope you fix it soon.
Submitted by zetanumbers