Where can I find BHG brand canning jars?

Where can I buy the BHG brand canning jars? I've seen a few cases at WalMart but they were nearly sold out. Are there any other merchants ?

Submitted by handmadeheartla

BHG brand canning jars are exclusively available at Walmart stores at this time.

Answered by BHGFood
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Walmart no longer carries them.
Submitted by dnllmango

Our Walmart stores no longer carry them either, and I have been to every store within a 50 mile radius. Any other ideas?! I need to finish my kitchen remodel project...
Submitted by mizpatti

I have 3 cartons I would like to sell. If interested contact me at Budabear@optonline.net. I also have others.
Submitted by Budabear

Our Walmart manger stated Walmart is no longer carring BHG canning jars. To bad - i used them for soy candles in my business.
Submitted by covingtoncreekc