Should I burn my flower bed?
Late last summer my flower bed was taken over by grass and weeds. Now there is tall, thick, dead grass (like straw) covering my large island style flower bed. Planning to burn it off. 1. Wondering if this would kill or slow the growth of the greenery that has already broken ground (irises, sedum, painted ladies, and red hot poker leaves from last year)? Thanks so much.
Submitted by cjcanadabsn1

Hi, Yes, if you burn the garden you will damage any plants already coming up. Your best bet will be to get a sharp spade and dig up the weedy areas between your exisiting perennials. Of course, if you only have a few plants you want to rescue, then I might be tempted to dig them up, set them aside and then rake away all the dead weeds, do a light tilling and replant them. A lot of perennials are very forgiving if you move them in the very early spring when they are just breaking dormancy. Then, I would mulch heavily between the good plants to prevent weeds from coming back. Or, you can use a pre-emergent herbicide such as PREEN to prevent any weeds from sprouting. It should not hurt your plants. You just won't be able to start anything from seed in that area.

Answered by doug.jimerson