Planning a north facing sloping front garden surrounded by brickwork
I've had my driveway enlarged & steps put in leaving an empty patch of ground adjacent to the steps about 20' x 12' at it's widest reducing to 10' near the house. It's north facing & slopes towards the pavement. As I have a lot of brickwork I am worried about having too much in the way of stones/gravel but I have lots of iron stones to use if they would look right. I do need to reach all the garden without tramping all over the earth. Any ideas please?
Submitted by lesleyluff1

Hi, Well without a drawing or photo to look at, landscaping a space like this is pretty difficult via email. In fact, I can't really picture the space you are trying to describe. I suggest you go to the Plant Encyclopedia section of this website and do an Advanced Search, plugging in your criteria for shade-loving plants and see what you get for a planting list. You can also check out our over 200 garden plans in our Garden Plans section of the website. I'm sorry I can't be of more assistance, but my guess would be that you may be looking for shade-tolerant perennials or ground covers in your situation.

Answered by doug.jimerson