Can you give us ideas on where to place and how to conceal a TV in our new family room addition?
We are about to renovate our 1928 home. Part of the renovation will include the addition of a small family room with a fireplace. We will have two small windows above built-ins flanking the fireplace. I donít want to place the TV above the fireplace. Any suggestions for where the TV should go and how to conceal it?
Submitted by kmthress

Some people mount their television inside a wall recess and then fix a painting or wall tapestry on a board that swings open to reveal the TV inside. Some use a curtain instead of a rigid board. One person I know of connected a wall tapestry to a system of pulleys that lifted it up into a space in the ceiling to reveal the rather large projector screen he had installed. If you are handy or just like building things, you can build your very own entertainment center or TV cabinet. For more ideas, see our slide show.


Answered by AskAProCraig