yellow spots on tomato leaves?
what causes yellow spots on tomato leaves
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Tomatoes are susceptible to quite a few foliar fungal diseases which can cause leaf yellowing. Usually the problem starts as yellow spots, but eventually the spots turn brown. You can spray with preventative fungicides to keep the problem from becoming too severe.

There are also soil-borne fungi that can cause leaf yellowing on tomatoes. Both fusarium and verticillium wilts can reside in the soil and be picked up by susceptible plants. There's no cure for these vascular wilts, but many varieties have good resistance. Look for varieties with V or F after their names, indicating that those varieties are resistant to Verticillium wilt (V) or Fusarium wilt (F).

Black walnuts can also cause similar symptoms. Avoid growing tomatoes near walnut trees.

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Also wise to NOT plant tomatoes in the same area of garden every year...this alone will help cut down on problems. If not possible to plant in a different part of your garden every year, then try planting them in large pots for one year then back to the garden. Even with my small garden, I manage to plant them in a different spot every year. A year or two ago when everyone else was having blight problems, my tomatoes stayed healthy because they had been moved from the area they were grown in the year before. Also mulch with straw, if you can get it.
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