What can I plant along the front of my rental house?
I rent a house and the landlord has asked that we not create any new garden beds. There are two existing plots along the front of the house on either side of our small front porch. They're all dirt now, and look awful. What can I do that would be fairly low-maintenance and spruce it up? I've never gardened and don't want to put a TON of effort into something I'll be leaving in a couple years, but I'd like some suggestions for maybe some evergreen for year-round color and flowers. Thanks!
Submitted by jd_woofter

The options are wide open. There are some questions that you need to answer, such how much sun do the beds receive? What is the soil like there? What plants do you like?

You can get some ideas of what you might want to plant by looking at our online garden plans, adapting them to your site and situation. You could also use the advanced search option of the plant encyclopedia for plants that would grow in the specific conditions present in the beds.

Answered by DSchrock