Starting a new garden, but have a black thumb
We recently moved into a new house and I love flowers and want to start a garden but I have a black thumb; everything I plant dies. What is the best way to start off. There is a small area in front of the house, designated as a flower garden. I also have a large tree, around which I would like to create a flower bed. Also, what is best to edge your garden with so that the lawn and garden remain separate areas, stones, brick, or the vinyl edging? I live in South Eastern Virginia. Thanks!
Submitted by coreen_a

One of the best things that you can do to increase the likelihood of success with gardens is to amend the soil to improve it. Adding and incorporating several inches of organic matter (compost) improves the nutrient content of soil, and improves drainage (or in sandy soil, improves moisture-holding capacity). Be sure to choose plants adapted to the site. For example, under the tree, use shade-tolerant plants.

I use no edging at all on my beds. I simply remove grass as it begins to creep into the bed. If you'd like an edging, choose one that you like the looks of and find affordable. Grass will eventually creep under virtually any edging material, so you'll need to do some maintance to keep beds weed-free regardless of the type that you select.

Answered by DSchrock