soil in garden
Bad soil?I live in zn-7,top of a mntn.Replaced top 1'of red clay(over 3 yrs)w/rotted pears&leaves,ashes from fireplace(hardwoods),manure,some compost,store bought topsoil & 10,10,10(probably outdated).Corn's failed every year,tomatoes,potatoes,g.pepper & watermelon started,grew slow or not at all, cucumbers were giant and yellow! We get at least 8 hours of full sun...what's next?
Submitted by naturefreak2

Have you done a soil test? That would be the first place to start to see what level of nutrients and pH you have created with this mix. Wood ashes are highly alkaline, so the pH may be too high for good growth of plants.

Answered by DSchrock