How can I fix the wrong size vanity top?
I purchased the wrong size bathroom vanity top. Dumb thing, I know... My current vanity top is cultured marble 61" x 22". I purchased another cultured marble top that is 49" x 22". Any feedback on if I can still use the new one and add on to each end? Possibly laying tiles to fill the 6" gap on the ends? Has anybody extended a vanity top to accommodate the vanity?? Thanks so much!
Submitted by logbabes

I think one of two choices would sense for you to consider. One solution would be to simply return the top to the home improvement center, pay the inevitable restocking charge, and start over with the correct size top. Another approach would be to purchase a new vanity base to fit the top you have. Either way would be better than trying to patch together a fix.


Answered by AskAProGregC