What are the pros and cons of replacing a kitchen table with an island?
I am thinking of changing the floor plan in my kitchen (10x13-feet). I have a small island and a round kitchen table and am thinking of eliminating the table in exchange for a larger island with an extended countertop to seat four. I am thinking of a granite top. Does this make sense? And is there any way to know how this might affect resale?
Submitted by jbbanz

Islands are very popular these days and are replacing kitchen tables in quite a few remodels. Large islands with seating are versatile and, when designed with your needs in mind, can really enhance the way your kitchen is used. An added bonus is the extra storage space an island can give compared to a table. However, you need to make sure you have room for the island and that it won’t hinder the flow of your kitchen. Are the countertops in the kitchen granite? Then a coordinating granite piece on the island would be the best choice. The right design can be very positive for resale. 

Answered by AskAProKeilty
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Islands are the best choice for today's date. It is more stylish, more attractive and gives awesome look to your Kitchen design. The only concern with islands is "price". It is quite costly to install. http://www.thertastore.com
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