When should I trim my hydrangea bush and how much should I trim it?
if you trim your hydrangeas back almost to the ground will they bloom the next yr. or does it just decrease the amount of blooms. When is the proper time to trim hydrangeas (ie. like lilacs you're suppose to trim them right after they finishing blooming.)
Submitted by jletemadi

Pruning bigleaf hydrangeas (macrophylla types, which are usually pink or blue flowered) in winter will remove next year's flowers. They form their flower buds the previous summer. Prune them by mid-summer to prevent blossom bud removal.

Paniculata types (Pee Gee) and arborescens types (Annabelle), both of which are usually white flowered, can be pruned in winter because they bloom on new wood.

Answered by DSchrock