Help! Water-loving plant suggestions needed!
I have an area around my front patio by our fence that floods when it rains. We also have a sprinkler system that keeps the air moist at all times. What kind of plant or flower could I put there that would survive? The area is under a tree and gets partial sun to full sun exposure.
Submitted by laurenlawlis

Hi,  I would suggest you go to our Plant Encyclopedia and do an Advanced Search, plugging in your specific planting criteria. It should then give you a planting list to work from. The key, though, is the tree and how much shade it casts and how much root competition it produces. Some trees such as maples, have shallow root systems, which makes planting anything underneath them difficult. I don't have much information to go on here concerning the size and species of tree so keep this in mind as you choose plants.

Answered by doug.jimerson