How do I fix a poorly-installed skylight?
The skylight in our bathroom was installed incorrectly resulting in unsightly mold. We use the fan during every shower to reduce the moisture. It is very difficult to get up into the skylight to clean it. Short of removing it, is there anything we can do to fix it?
Submitted by beck464

The issue may not be that the skylight was installed improperly.  It is inherent that condensation will form around skylights in bathrooms, which is why we don't recommend them in bathrooms.  If the skylight was installed improperly you would have water damage as well, but it sounds like you just have mold from the condensation.  You are doing the right thing by using the bath fan, but try to turn it on a few minutes before you get in the shower to get the air flowing and then leave it running for at least 10 minutes or so after you have finished showering.

Answered by AskAProKeilty