What’s the best way to clean and refinish my wood deck?
What are some methods for cleaning and refinishing my wood deck? What is the best way to make it look new?
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The first step to making your deck look new again is with a careful cleaning. You can buy a chemical cleaner at your home improvement center. Apply the cleaner with a garden sprayer, followed by a pressure wash of railings and benches. Be extremely careful with the pressure washer, because if you place the nozzle too close to the wood the water can damage it. Use a power deck scrubber to clean the deck boards.

After a thorough cleaning, you’ll want to sand your deck, remove splinters, and inset any popped nails. Finally, apply stain or sealer with a sprayer followed by back brushing into the grain of the wood. Contributing editor Danny Lipford walks you through these steps in our video.


Answered by AskAProGregC