How can I add storage to my laundry room?
I have so many things to store in my laundry room - laundry supplies, cleaning supplies, baskets, etc. How can I add more storage to my laundry room?
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Yes, it’s all too easy to let everything pile up on top of the washer (if you have a front loader) and dryer. What a mess! One way to corral the supplies in a laundry room is to mount a supply cabinet dedicated to storage on the wall. A laundry hamper with multiple bins will help you sort for different loads.

Just to give you a taste of what might work for you: hang an under shelf wire bin under the cabinet, store small supplies on a Lazy Susan in the back corner, place jars on a shelf for all the coins and other treasures you find in pockets, and top a long clothes hamper with a padded board for folding or ironing.

Our video, Streamline Laundry Storage, shows what such a laundry center looks like. Even if you don’t duplicate what you see in the video, you’ll undoubtedly find some ideas you’ll want to try in your laundry room.


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You need cabinets and box on your empty space walls to increase your laundry room place. Categorize everything and keep similar items in a group. Cataloging is the key to any successful indexed organization. Use your imagination in organizing things and then you''ll be surprised to see the amount of space you can get from the same area. Good luck.
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