How do I choose the best tile for my bathroom remodeling?
Does it matter what kind of tile I use on the floors and walls? Is tiling a do-it-yourself project?
Submitted by BHGPhotoContest

The reason tile is such a good choice for bathrooms is because it’s a material well suited for moisture-prone rooms. When installed correctly it should pretty much last the life of the home. Tile is durable, scratch resistant, and mostly impervious to moisture.

What many people don’t know is that tile comes in porcelain and ceramic and that each has a different use. Porcelain tile (the same material used in most sinks and toilets) is hard and dense. That’s why porcelain is a good choice for floors. Ceramic tile is made from a mix of clays hardened by firing. Glazed ceramic tiles are good for walls.

In my opinion, cutting, setting, and grouting tile is best left to the professionals. You can try it yourself, but I would rather see you devote your creative talent to selecting pleasing colors and patterns than learning a craft for the first time on a job you’ll live with forever. For a walk through the world of tile, see our video.


Answered by AskAProGregC