what is the best way to repot a lucky bamboo plant?
someone gave me a lucky bamboo. i looked it up and found that it is actually a dracaena, not really bamboo. it is getting large for the tiny container it came in and i would like to transplant it. it is currently in some kind of gel that absorbs water and covered with a sprinkling of tiny gravel. what would be the best medium for me to use to transplant it? can i use soil or does it have to be something like the gel? i am afraid that the gel will eventually break down as it is looser in the pot.
Submitted by sprucespring

Hi, You can move your "lucky bamboo" into standard potting soil if you want to. As you already discovered, this plant is not an actual bamboo, but a draceana which can be grown as a standard houseplant. Keep your plant slightly moist at all times for the first few weeks to help it get used to life in the soil since it's roots are used to growing in the gel. After a week or two the plant should be developing new roots and you can cut back watering. Water only when the soil begins to dry out.

Answered by doug.jimerson
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i have a lucky bamboo plant that is 5 feet tall i only have it in water
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