BHG REgions - where am I?
I asked this already and I read others who asked the same question, but got the answers they already knew. What BH&G REGION is NE Oklahoma in. Several people said they know their hardiness zone but can't figure out which region they are in and you keep telling us what hardiness zone we are in. Don't want that. Just tell me how to figure out which region in your categories of regions I am in.
Submitted by cheaneyjun



Thanks for writing. When it comes to gardening content like this, regions don't have a hard-and-fast map because the regions are based on climate conditions, where different groups of plants grow well, etc. So some gardeners won't have a single region, instead, they'll find it best to draw tips, plant suggestions, etc. from two or maybe even three different regions.


That said, your area most closely aligns with the plants and climate of the Midwest. But you might also sometimes find good information relevant to you in the content for the South.


---Justin, Senior Garden Editor,

Answered by CostaFarms