How do I plant flowers for different seasons?
I'm planning on doing some landscaping this spring. I was wondering how I plant different flowers so I have the ones that come up in the spring and then the ones that some up in the summer once the spring flowers are done. Do I plant them together or how do I do it. Thanks Oakville, IA
Submitted by amyamarie04

There are a number of ways to ensure that your garden has a succession of bloom through the season. One is to interplant bulbs and flowers that bloom at various times. For example daffodils will bloom early in spring then dieback. You can plant them in the same area as hostas or summer-blooming perennials, which will emerge later and cover up the dying bulb foliage.

You can also plant flowers in drifts of 3 to 5 plants, placing plants with different bloom times next to one another. For example, you could plant irises that bloom in late spring near purple coneflowers that will bloom in mid- to late summer and/or chrysanthemums and asters that will bloom late summer to fall.

Answered by DSchrock