Uniformity Garden Help Needed Sunny & Shady In Front Gardens
I have been struggling with my garden plan in front of my house 15 years now. I have a cape cod house and on one side of the front of my house the garden gets a lot of sun. On the other side of the front of my house it is all shade and very dry. How can I make both sides look lush, and match? I have tried shrubs, hostas etc. Please help me I'm about to dig everything up! Thanks Liz
Submitted by momisnuts1

Your best bet is to select plants that are adated to their specific site. Because one side is sunny and the other is shady, that means using different plants in the opposite ends of the landscape, which also means that you won't be able to have an exact match from one side to the other. However, you can choose plants that have similar form, texture and size so that the overall effect is balanced.

Answered by DSchrock