How do I prune and care for my potted double gardenia?
I have a double gardenia plant in a very large pot outside. Bloomed massively this first year, but after blooming most leaves went yellow/dropped off.Plant itself hasn't grown - branches/stems the same as when I bought it.I'm in Santa Monica, CA 90403, right on the coast.Gave it acidic plant food till October.Now the end of December & it should be pruned, but I don't know how far back - or at all? Add peat moss and/or mulch now after pruning? Please advise ASAP! Too gorgeous to lose...thank you!
Submitted by donavanb03

Gardenias are sensitive to cold, low humidity, and improper watering. Any of these could be the cause of leaf drop on your plant.

Avoid pruning your plant in mid-winter. It's better to do so right after bloom, when the plant is actively growing. If it has suffered some dieback due to cold weather, wait until late winter when growth begins, and trim off the dead sections at that time. Otherwise, gardenias need little pruning. You can simply shape them to keep the branches uniform in length.

Answered by DSchrock