How do we landscape?
We have a new home in NW Ind. in the country on 3 acres. The lot is 210' deep x 300' wide. The house faces east/sits in full sun. We want to landscape the outer edge of the property on the sides and back to provide wind-break, privacy and beauty. Do you have any planting ideas and design layouts you could provide? We do have a pool in the backyard so we want to make sure that not too many leaves will be falling in that area, but we would like some shade as well. What do we do? Please help!
Submitted by karen.wilson4

We're not able to provide individual landscape plans. For that it would be best to consult a local landscape professional who could do a site visit and draw up a plan specific to your site. But we do have many garden plans on our website. Check them out for planting ideas. You may be able to incorporate ideas from them or duplicate them in your landscape.

Answered by DSchrock