what flowers should I plant and when?
Hi I live in Franklinville NY 14737 I am wondering what type of bulbs and flowers I can plant this spring for a late summer bloom? we are getting married august 20th and our reception is at our home I would like to invest in to flowers that will bloom every year but not sure what to plant and when to plant them
Submitted by emfoster21

You'll get most reliable bloom from heat-tolerant annual flowers. Perennials often take a couple of years to get established, so you may not have as luxuriant a show this first year if you use only perennials. However, you could combine annuals with long-blooming late-summer perennials such as purple coneflower, agastache, nepeta, yarrow, and salvia so that you'll have some flowers that will return next year.

Answered by DSchrock