Why do my cakes always turn out uneven?
Why do my cakes always turn out uneven?
Submitted by kayla.b.craig

If this happens just once in a while, it might be that your cake batter is not mixed thoroughly. Try beating it for another minute or so and try again.

If all of your cakes turn out uneven, the problem may be your oven. Uneven heat may cause cakes to rise haphazardly. Try turning your cakes a few times while they are baking to see if this helps.

An oven that is too hot will cause uneven baking. Use an oven thermometer to check your oven’s accuracy. If it is 25 degrees higher than the setting, just lower your baking temperature by 25 degrees. If the temperature is off by more than 25 degrees, have the oven recalibrated.

It is also possible that uneven baking occurs because your oven is not level. To check, fill a loaf pan with water, place it on the oven’s middle rack, and look to see if the water level is even. If not, your range’s leveling legs may need to be adjusted.

Answered by DeborahWagman
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I've made hundreds of cakes over the years, and I've NEVER had one come out flat. To get a professional looking flat top, I simply fill the cake pan fuller (usually about 2/3). This allows the cake to bake above the rim of the pan. After letting it sit for about 5 minutes, I take the longest knife I have and cut off the whole top layer of the cake, taking care to keep it even with the rim. Then place a cooling rack on top, turn over, and remove pan. Benefits: 1) the cake doesn't split, and 2) my husband and kids love the "scraps" with a dollop of buttercream for dessert.
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