What to do with sprouting cannas?
I live in Buffalo, NY - the snowbelt and have dug up my cannas for the season. I brought them inside and they are growing like crazy!! will this growth period stunt their growth when i replant them outdoors? What should I do when I go to replant them outdoors
Submitted by lcfarrow1

Evidently the storage area that you have for your canna rhizomes is too warm. The ideal storage temperature is about 40 degrees F, which will prevent them from sprouting. Placing them in an old refrigerator is one option. I keep my cannas in an insulated, unheated garage until temperatures there dip to freezing. Then I move them to a cool corner of the basement. Unless the plants also receive ample sunlight, the developing shoots will stretch and be weak. If the rhizomes have long shoots at planting time next spring, use caution in planting them to avoid damaging the shoots. You may need to pot them up early indoors and grow in a protected location until they can be planted safely in the garden.

Answered by DSchrock