My oven tends to burn food, what tips do you have for making my turkey turn out?
My question, 1). I am living in a small apartment and I have very little counter space. What can I cook ahead for Thanksgiving to make more room for my cooking day? 2). I have an old oven, sometimes it doesn't cook correctly or burns food, I have to put the temperature at a lower setting so as to avoid this issue. Where should I put the temp for a 11.34lb. turkey and the oven rack. I have never had a problem before cooking in other places I have lived but this oven is tricky. Thank you!
Submitted by stephe51479

1) To save time and space on Thanksgiving Day, try making your turkey ahead of time. Carve it and place the turkey in a shallow pan. Add 2 tablespoons of broth or gravy and heat it in the oven (covered) at 350 F the day of Thanksgiving.

2) Place your turkey in the middle of the oven and use an oven thermometer to guage the temperature. The oven should not be set below 300 F to ensure safety.

Answered by butterball1