How to overwinter banana trees?
What is the best method to overwinter my banana trees? I live in Dayton, OH. One of my trees is supposed to be hardy but I mixed them up and don't know which one is hardy. Should they be cut back? Should they be watered as usual over the winter?
Submitted by ediepottenger

I plant several bananas in my yard each year and dig them up to overwinter them. If they send up a new side shoot (or pup), I dig that rather than the main plant. I pot each up into a large container filled with potting mix, water well, and keep near the windows in my basement. They don't grow through the winter, but manage to survive until warm weather returns in spring. Keep the soil scarcely moist (i.e. allow it to dry between waterings) so that root rot doesn't develop. I don't cut the plants back except for removing dead leaves. Often they'll die back to just a leaf or two, but they're tough and always have pulled through as long as they aren't overwatered.

Answered by DSchrock