How to attract frogs?
How do you attract frogs to your yard?
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If you create the right habitat for frogs, they will likely show up in your yard. Because they are amphibians, they need water, so include a shallow pond or small body of water. Allow leaf litter to accumulate to provide cool hiding places for them. And avoid the use of pesticides that kill insects which are their source of food.

Answered by DSchrock
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We have a small area on the side of our house that is heavily mulched with pebbles. I keep an assortment of large and small pots there. A small toad used this area to hibernate last winter. I almost passed out when I moved a pot and saw the rocks moving seemingly by themselves! I also found one living in the rainwater drainage pipe. It's next to an herb garden with strawberry plants, which the toad has been openly helping itself to. So even a damp herb garden is a habitat!
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