Which bushes are deer resistant?
I live in a forest in North(Perkinstown)WI. My front yard is a hill that has a steep slope to the road. CC workers planted red pines in the 1920's. It is very difficult and dangerous to mow the grass under them. I planted about $1000 worth of bushes under the trees hoping they would grow to provide privacy and an area that we will not need to mow. I planted Hydrangea, burning, dogwood, rhododendron, and azalea bushes. Now the deer are eating most of them. Any ideas on bushes I can use?
Submitted by mzirbelcvt

If deer are hungry enough they'll eat almost anything. However, some plants are less palatable to them than others. A good way to select deer-resistant plants adapted to your area is to go to the advanced search page of our plant encyclopedia (http://www.bhg.com/gardening/plant-dictionary/advanced-search/) and click on the relevant categories. In your case, type in your Zone, and check Shrubs, Deer-resistant, and shade. You'll get a list of suggested plants.

Answered by DSchrock