What exactly is considered "winter" pruning time?
When pruning, what is considered "winter" time to prune. Do I have to wait until the temperature is at a certain degree or something. I would like to trim some weigelas and my butterfly bush. The butterfly bush has just stopped blooming a couple of weeks ago and the weigela is still full of green leaves. The weather here in the Northeast has been very odd this year. Please help
Submitted by mgregory71908

"Winter pruning" usually refers to dormant pruning, i.e. the plants should not be actively growing. The time frame can vary from location to location, but generally includes the time from after the tree or shrub loses its leaves in fall until the buds begin to push new growth in the spring. Late winter is usually a better time to prune than early winter because pruning can stimulate dehardening of the plant that might lead to winter injury if temperatures drop drastically soon after pruning.

Answered by DSchrock