Which Vegetables Grows Better in raised beds?
Aloha. I live in Volcano, Hawaii. I had been introduced to raised vegetable garden beds-3 feet off the ground-which suits me very well healthwise. I have 2 beds @ 40"Wx48"Lx4"D; 2 beds @ 40"Wx48"Lx8"D; and 2 beds @ 40"Wx48"Lx12"D. I just don't know (1) what vegetables require those different depths for growth and production and (2) I don't know which vegetables require more warmth as our climate is very cool to cold. Will you please help me as what I've tried to plant has not been a good yield.
Submitted by akalanui

Most vegetables will grow best if they are provided with good deep soil. However, root vegetables are most sensitive to soil depth. In general, 6-12 inches deep is considered the minimum soil depth for growing vegetables. You may need to add another layer for your beds that are only 4 inches deep. You may find a couple of our slide shows helpful. Here's one on growing vegetables in raised beds and here's one on the best cold-tolerant vegetables.

Answered by DSchrock