what causes Flower buds to fall off before they bloom?
My dendrobium orchids begin to form new flower stocks & buds then I find the flower buds on the ground soon after they form. They are outside on a screened lanai as I live in Venice Fl. The only critters I have seen on or near them are small lizards. Could they possibly be the culprits. They don't eat them.
Submitted by jcrosby58

The problem you describe on your dendrobium orchid is called bud blast. Several factors can cause it. Environmental extremes are the most common reason. Either over- or underwatering, extreme temperature fluctuations, low humidity, excess fertilizer, or low light may be at fault. Also, some insects such as aphids and thrips may cause flower buds to abort. Another possible cause is air pollution in the form of toxic fumes from paint, for example, or ethylene from ripening fruit, or even an improperly vented heater.

Answered by DSchrock