When do you plant chrysanthemums?
when do you plant mums and how to transplant them into the ground
Submitted by simsdanny

Hi, You can plant mums in the spring or fall. Small plants are generally available in the spring which you can set out as soon as the ground can be worked in the spring. By planting early in the season your mums will have a chance to develop good root systems before fall and you'll also be able to enjoy their flowers the first year. However, mums are also readily available in bloom in the fall. Select quality garden mum plants and set them in the ground wherever you like. In northern gardens, mums don't always overwinter very well if fall planted, but in your region they will be fine. Just always be sure to buy garden mums. Florist mums, sold for the gift trade at florist shops and grocery stores, are not winter hardy and are designed for quick color indoors and then should be composted.

Answered by doug.jimerson