Cannas and how to care for them in the winter?
I have some Cannas I am growing and wanted to know how to take care of them in the winter. What do I need to do to them? I live in Zone 5.
Submitted by mnd_byrd

Hi, I'm so sorry this answer is coming to you so late in the season. Our Garden Doctor program was down for repairs and we could not answer questions. Anyway, once light frost has blackened canna foliage, dig the plant, wash the soil off the roots and clip away all the foliage, leaving only an inch or two to hold on to. Then, after the roots dry off, bury them in a box filled with vermiculite, peat moss or some other material. Cover the box (but don't seal it) and store in a cool, dry location for the winter. Don't let them freeze, but try to keep them in temps in the 40s or so. During the winter check on them once or twice and if they look like they are shriveling, sprinkle a little water on them. Come spring, divide the roots and replant outdoors after frost danger has passed.

Answered by doug.jimerson