Gopher Heck
2 years ago we built 18" high beds lined with hardware cloth. This year our beautiful flower beds are now over run with gophhers. We don't know what to do, the traps don't work in our top soil. The gophers have even gotten under our flagstone patio which was coverd in hardware cloth and yards of sand. We are ripping our hair out. How can we get rid of them? We have a child and a dog, so poison is out.
Submitted by gardengirl95003

Hi, Gophers in your area can be very hard to eliminate. Since you have already wired your beds and don't want to use traps, your only option might be repellent sprays. You can buy spray repellents at most garden centers. Liquid Fence and Messina are two companies that manufacture spray repellents for a wide range of critters.

Answered by doug.jimerson