Plants of the Year --- Could you help me create a garden in celebration of my mother's personal achievement in gardening?
Today, we discovered years of clippings from various magazines, most interesting articles, many from BHG. We came across The Perennial Plant Association's plant of the year, 1997, in your Feb issue, Salvia May Night. We are creating a garden, and I thought it might be fun to choose perennials, and annuals that have been awarded such distinction. Mom turns 95 in Dec, and founded the Greendale In Civic Garden club. It would be a wonderful celebration of her life's achievements in gardening.
Submitted by joanstephens11

Hi, I'm so sorry we've taken so long to get back to you. Our Garden Doctor program was down for repairs through much of the fall. Anyway, if you go onto in the gardening section you'll see almost 200 different garden plans you can copy or steal ideas from. I believe there are some plans with award winners in them, but i don't think we have an award-winning garden plan by itself. However, you can take your list of award winning plants and substitute them into the garden plan of  your choice. Good luck and my regards to your Mother. Again, i apologize for the late response.

Answered by doug.jimerson