Inherited potted amaryllis.
I have inherited my late grandmother's amaryllis. They are in pots and still have their green leaves. What do I need to do to insure they continue to live? I have also been contemplating planting them outside since there are six of them. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Submitted by missashleymail

Hi, Sorry it's taken a while to get back to you. Our Garden Doctor system has been down for over a month. Anyway, amaryllis are frost-tender so don't plant them outdoors if you ever get cold temperatures. It will kill them. I prefer to put mine outside during the summer in a partially shady location, but I leave them in their pots. In the fall, bring them back indoors and cut back on watering and light. You want the bulbs to go into dormancy. Once the plants die back, put them in a dark location for a month or so. Then, bring them back out into the light, repot them in fresh soil, and water. They'll resprout and rebloom.

Answered by doug.jimerson