Large Front Yard Maple Tree on small townhouse yard. How can I landscape under it?
My small townhouse front yard is very challenging with its landscape. It has a large healthy maple tree off to the side, but it's taking up all the room for most plantings. The conditions are dry and have alot of surface roots with dense shade. Is there a landscape plan you could recommend? I'm essentially starting from scratch. My yard is 8x23, with a brick walkway on the right as you enter.
Submitted by melwl4

Hi, Sorry this is so late, but our Garden Doctor program was being rebuilt. The problem you have is that maple tree. Maples have very shallow root systems which makes planting anything under them almost impossible. The roots also suck up all the moisture so even if you could make a planting hole the poor plant you'd stick there would dry out. I've had a little luck with epimedium under some of my maples, but I generally recommend not trying to do anything, but to spread a loose mulch over the area and plant shade-loving annuals in containers for summer color. We do offer over 200 garden plans here on our website so you could look through those, but you'll always have problems with root competition with that maple.

Answered by doug.jimerson